Caprice Stevenson

Hi my name is Caprice – basically I’m like a lot of mums still trying to lose the baby weight – problem is my baby is a teenager now! 
Prior to having a baby I never had any issues with my weight, then after he was born it was a gradual process and before I knew it ....
I was literally too big for my boots and in despair and at a bit of a loss to understand how this happened. 
A lethal combination of ageing, hormones and bad habits really… 
Last year I lost quite a bit of weight doing an extreme amount of walking and pretty much only eating protein 
but 3 months ago my life changed when I was attacked while out for a walk, so here I am back at ground zero
It's time to shake the weight permanently so I can start to enjoy life with my family again – ideally I’d like to lose at least 15 kilos.